Doctor Who: Tennant’s First Season

david-tennantOkay, get it out. That sigh that means David Tennant is so sexy, and when he cries over Rose Tyler, you have to pause the show because you’re crying so hard that you can’t hear him say “Rose Tyler.”

Whew. Don’t we all feel better now.

I, too, like Tennant and think that perhaps he’s the best Doctor in the recent series. If I had to put the new doctors in order, it would go like this:

  1. Tennant
  2. Eccleston
  3. Capaldi
  4. Smith

Now that you know where I stand, you can get over it when I tell you that this season of Doctor Who is just not great. It’s not. It has some of the WORST episodes. I’m not certain if Love and Monsters is actually worse than New Earth, but I do know that the moment paving_431when Elton talks about his love life with Ursula is probably one of the grossest moments on TV  (and I regularly watch G of T).  I don’t get this season’s fascination with flat people — Ursula and Cassandra. The weird jealousy plotlines with Sarah Jane and Rose and with Rose and Mickey were also distracting. I just don’t think that a woman who had travelled to other planets and seen as much as Sarah Jane saw would really be that petty. And, Mickey, poor Mickey, he really does get used like a human version of K-9, which I don’t like. Mickey is great.

This is the season that establishes Torchwood, but the episode with Queen Victoria is confusing, loud, and somewhat boring. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been able to pay attention either time that I’ve watched it. I don’t think Tennant really shines in this role until Rose leaves, but the episode where he says goodbye to Rose is a really good one. All in all, I say that this season may be somewhere near the bottom of my list, especially since the other Tennant seasons are so, so good.

I’m super excited about the next season — Doctor/Donna is my favorite combo. Come on, spaceman!


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Tennant’s First Season

  1. I love everything about Love and Monsters except for the monster, which is one of the stupidest ones DW ever cooked up. I do unabashedly love the Sarah Jane return show (which features Buffy’s Giles as the villain of the week!) and I thought the jealousy between Rose and SJ was believable. Don’t get too excited about Donna. She just shows up in a teaser Christmas episode (which is awesome) and then Martha comes along for a season. I’m actually liking Martha a lot more this time around btw….

  2. I love the song and the friendship.. but the monster is stupid, and Ursula ending up trapped in block of concrete forever providing Elton with “a bit of a love life” is fucking weird and not in a good way. I love Sarah Jane on the show…but I seriously doubt she would’ve felt that threatened by Rose.

    I totally forgot about Martha being first! Shame on me.

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