Rock of Ages

Okay, I’ll admit it:  I love Tom Cruise.  My infatuation started with Cocktail (bet I can still spook ya! and yes, I know he won some award for being the worst actor in that film — I have wikipedia, too, ya know), and it has continued, even going so far as seeing both Knight and Day AND the 3rd Installment of the Mission Ridiculous movies in the theater — at night, even, when you can’t get tickets for $5.00 and tell yourself that it’s the same price and slightly less amusing than a Beam and Co-cola.

When some friends from work suggested seeing Rock of Ages, even though I’d already seen the reviews coming in giving the film a decidedly rotten review, I said yes.  So, today, I’m going to venture to the afternoon cinema to see a movie that I already suspect will be really, really awful.  All because Tom Cruise is in it.

This blog will be continued AFTER I’ve seen the potentially awfulness, and the point of the blog will be to report if Couch-Hopping, Scientologist (Wacko?), and Otherwise Suspect for Quackery Cruise can make up for what looks like a bad night of karaoke made into a film.

My hopes are not high.

AFTER Rock of Ages

Well, my MrE tells me that he heard a review about the film on NPR that tagged it as “endearingly corny.”  That’s a pretty apt description.

I pretty much hated the movie… until Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand love scene.  After that, I just gave in, decided it was deliberately trying to be awful, and kept on laughing…except with them, instead of at them.  It was funny, it was stupid, and it was awful.

How was Tom Cruise? Well, he combined the essence of his performances as the weird and wacky Eyes Wide Shut guy  with the goofiness of  Cocktail bartender with the swagger of Maverick from  Top Gun.  I appreciate that he was willing to be pretty unattractive and ridiculous.

Overall, I guess it wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon — the only thing that made the film tolerable, though, really was that my friends and I turned the experience into Mystery Science Theater 3000 and commented the whole way through the film.

Hey, man.


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